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They choose brainsead to help all their students, from developmental education, , to nontraditional and off-campus students. Writing and math, the key gatekeepers, are our most highly used services.

Brainsead’s online tutoring service is easy to use, and easy to access on any Internet-connected computer. With tutors available up to 24 hours a day, students can get help with their studies when they need it––a feature highly important to non-traditional students with work and family obligations who may not have access to traditional on-campus academic support services.

Developmental education students are highly supported with paragraph and essay reviews, and basic math and algebra tutoring. And Brainsead’s Online Writing provides individualized feedback and critique on essays, reports, resumes and cover letters.

Administrators like Brainsead because they are able to offer their students tutoring in subjects that are difficult for campus tutoring centers to staff (sciences, or higher level math courses). Further, Brainsead is easily integrated into an institution’s existing online platforms.

Four-year colleges and universities use Brainsead’s online service to provide academic support to their students in basic math and writing, but also in more advanced subjects like organic chemistry, math beyond calculus, finance, and advanced statistics. Our tutors are experts in teaching as well as in their field, with the overwhelming majority holding a masters or Ph.D. in their subject area. Brainsead’s Online Writing provides students with individualized feedback and critique on reports, as well as on resumes and cover letters. Graduate students take Online Writing help to get grammar and mechanical feedback on their theses.

Brainsead works well with an institutions’ existing tutoring center, offering academic assistance when the tutoring center is closed ––at night, on the weekends, or even over holidays. Our tutors are professional educators and understand which teaching methods to use to encourage, coach, and guide students through the learning process.

Private Sector Colleges and Universities

Private sector colleges and universities offer Brainsead to improve student success and retention. Many private sector college students return to school after a hiatus and find their basic skills are rusty. Brainsead is a valuable resource, with on-demand tutoring available around the clock. Math, a key gatekeeper to higher education, is one of Brainsead’s most highly used subject areas.

Brainsead’s Online Writing help offers individualized feedback and critique to students on their essays, reports, resumes and cover letters. Instructors in developmental education on up to graduate level courses assign the Online Writing help to their students, finding that the Online Writing help is an integral component to student success in writing.

With up to 24/7 availability and easily accessed through any Internet-connected computer, Brainsead is ideal for nontraditional students who have work and family obligations and often find themselves seeking assistance at night, on the weekend or over holidays.

Online Colleges

Online institutions find Brainsead to be an ideal if not integral component of their educational service. With up to 24/7 availability, Brainsead offers online education students the academic support they need, when they need it. And by offering individualized support for the distance learner, Brainsead helps reduce student isolation.

Math is often a stumbling block to online students. With Brainsead’s online math tutoring, one of our most used services, students have access to trained teaching professionals who know how to guide students through a problem, helping them learn key concepts.

Brainsead’s Online Writing supports all levels of writers, including students in developmental education up to the graduate level. By providing critical feedback and critique, Brainsead’s expert writing instructors help students improve their writing skills. Instructors often assign Brainsead in their courses, recognizing the Online Writing help important contribution to student improvement in writing. Supporting essays, reports, theses, resumes and cover letters, Brainsead’s Online Writing helps students at all levels of education.

State Systems

Math and writing, the key gatekeepers to higher education, are Brainsead’s most highly used services. Our expert tutors are teaching professionals, with the majority having advanced degrees in their area of expertise. They are trained to guide students through the learning process, helping students understand key concepts.

Cost efficient and effective in helping students learn, Brainsead is the online tutoring service that educators choose for their students.

Individual Students

Brainsead’s is available for purchase by students. If your school already offers Brainsead but you need more hours of online tutoring, you can easily purchase Brainsead. Or, if your school or institution doesn’t offer Brainsead, you can still purchase our service online.

Various purchasing options provide flexible access to all of our services.

If you could benefit from having access to expert educators on any internet-connected computer at school, home, or at your workplace, Brainsead is the online, on-demand tutoring service for you.

Employees Human Resources
Promote Employee Loyalty and Increase Retention with Brainsead Online Tutoring

According to the 2011 American Psychological Association "Stress in the Workplace" survey of 1546 adults, 43 percent of employees cited lack of opportunities for growth and advancement, while 32 percent indicated that they intend to seek employment elsewhere within the next year. Offering employees valuable benefits that increase career achievement and improve their quality of life, is one effective way to retain top talent. Corporate HR managers and vice presidents are increasingly realizing the value of providing online tutoring to help employees improve their workplace skill set and advance their careers, as well as to extend essential academic support to employees’ family members.

Who Would Use Brainsead?

  • An employee is asked to generate a report by morning and needs to utilize a new skill
  • A high school junior needs feedback on an essay before Mom or Dad are home from work
  • An employee in your tuition reimbursement program is working on her MBA and needs help with a finance assignment
  • A single parent struggles to help his child with their math homework.
Employee Skill Development
Improve Employee Productivity and Quality of Work with Brainsead Live Online Coaching

According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, companies in the top quarter in training expenditure per employee per year ($1,500 or more) average 24 percent higher profit margins than companies that spend less per year. With Brainsead’s real-time, online coaching for Writing and Information Technology, corporations and government agencies can significantly improve employee productivity and enhance the overall quality of the work they produce.

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