If your child is dragging on the subjects like Math, Science, English & Test Prep, one-on-one tutoring with a highly qualified, caring tutor can help. Research says that it will help them gain skills faster than group tutoring or text-based homework help.

Brainsead provides your child to get the benefits of an in-home personal tutor, at a fraction of the cost. This is achieved through virtual tutoring using the proven technology.

How can online tutoring benefit you as a parent?

Convenience -

Online tutoring is more convenient. At one go, it takes out the troubles of driving-to, pick-up, waiting and driving-home time. With most parents busy today with packed schedules, online tutoring has become a compelling solution.

Safety -

When your child is getting tutored online, you are assured of your child being safe. This lessens parent’s anxiety in so many ways. They can keep a watch how their children are interacting with an adult.

Less cost -

Online tutoring is cost-efficient as well. Parents can arrange for online tutoring at a fraction of the cost of in-home or on-location tutoring. Students also get better value for their driving time.

Comfort level -

Many students feel intimidated by face-to-face interaction with adult tutors. Online tutoring takes out their anxiety.

More efficient -

Children are engaged in so many activities. Online tutoring helps them save a lot of time, which they can use in better ways.

Privacy -

Online tutoring is done in privacy of home. Taking online tutoring, students don’t have to dress up or worry about forgetting their books.

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We are a leading provider of online tutoring to help people enhance their knowledge through various e-learning tools. We have adopted technology-enabled products, and have highly qualified teachers to deliver unmatched value. At Brainsead, we strive to make the learning experience of the people quite easy and worthy.


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