Question 1.

How exactly does online tutoring session work?

Answer 1.

After you have registered for a free trial or purchased a learning package, and scheduled a session, then at the scheduled time, you should be at the computer with a headset and microphone activated, and should have logged in to the brainsead’s website with your username and password. The tutorial starts and ends the session five minutes before the scheduled session time. Students should join the session by logging into your account, then go to your classes link to join your session. Students can also join the session by simply clicking on the links that are sent to them.

Question 2.

Can I use my laptop computer for this kind of tutoring?

Answer 2.

Yes, you will only need your computer, (PC, Laptop, Mac) a minimum 256 KBPS bandwidth Internet connection and headset with microphone, a USB headset are preferred for better voice quality. If you choose to use live chat only, and no voice, the headset is not required.

Question 3.

What kind of Internet connection do I need to take a tutoring session?

Answer 3.

Minimum 256 KBPS bandwidth is required. Usually a standard home broadband connection is fine.

Question 4.

Will the free trial be exactly like a tutoring session?

Answer 4.

Yes, it will be conducted in the same manner as a paid tutor session.

Question 5.

Yes, it will be conducted in the same manner as a paid tutor session.

Answer 5.

Yes! You can tell the tutor what subject and topic you need help with, or specify this when scheduling a session, the tutor will plan your lessons accordingly. You may also ask questions during the tutoring session.

Question 6.

How do I sign up?

Answer 6.

After you had a free trial session with us, click on the BUY NOW bar, and follow the registration and payment instructions.

Question 7.

How many students can be present for a single tutoring session?

Answer 7.

Ours is a personalized tutoring service. Only one student can be present for a single tutoring session.

Question 8.

Can I change the times of scheduled sessions?

Answer 8.

Yes! A student can cancel their session by logging into their account and then going ahead and scheduling their class again. This has to be done prior to 24 hours of the scheduled session, otherwise the class will be charged to your account.

Question 9.

Does my package expire?

Answer 9.

Yes, your package will expire after the time specified in our learning packages from the date you buy your learning package. Your package will expire in 60 days from the day you purchase the package.

Question 10.

When do I schedule my sessions?

Answer 10.

You can begin scheduling your sessions immediately when buying a ‘Learning Package’. It is suggested that you schedule all sessions in your learning package. This greatly increases your opportunity to have the same tutor throughout all the sessions. Otherwise, you could schedule from session to session.

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