Internet has changed the way humans see the world. There was a time when human interaction was deemed necessary for life’s entire event, including the tutoring sessions.

However, internet has made distance irrelevant. As long as you have an internet connection and email, you can maintain contact with anyone in the world. Similarly, educational changes have also taken place, with learning via internet is the new medium by which students gain knowledge, pass classes and at times even receive their degrees for life in the working world. Tutoring through internet has given many opportunities that traditional tutoring cannot. It is beneficial for both the tutor and the student. Below, I have shared some of the benefits of online tutoring.

1.)Online tutoring is not hindered by the geographical locations of student or the teacher. You don’t have to deal with the restrictions while finding a tutor who is local and proficient in the subject you need help. Finding the right tutor becomes easier when you remove the hindrances like time zones, commuting and geographical locations.

2.)With online tutors you have a variety of selections from where you can choose from. The broader selection gives you the benefit of working with multiple tutors who specialize in different areas.

3.)The best part of online tutoring is that it allows one to meet up with their tutor, sitting comfortably in their house without incurring any expense of travel and time.

4.)Online sessions can be recorded for future reference and a good tutor utilises technology for illustrative purposes by using photos, diagrams and animations.

5.)Another benefit of online tutoring is that students can multi-task their internet classes with the rest of their life. Nowadays students are busy with a number of things like school, work, extracurricular activities and what not. Internet classes relieve students of the burden to attend classes at an on-campus site. Through online tutoring they can obtain degrees while working.

6.)Since the tutor and student are separated by place, a student can maintain anonymity. A student who is not doing well in a particular subject may not want others to know about his need of extra help.

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